Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status / Consular Processing

South Florida Attorneys Helping You Get Your Green Card

Obtaining a Lawful Permanent Resident card (green card) is rewarding, but with the complicated United States legal system it can often seem like a difficult process. At the Miami-area Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A., we help our clients though this process by reviewing the particular facts of their case as well providing an excellent detailed analysis of how they may be affected by the law.

There are several ways that you may be eligible to obtain your Lawful Permanent Resident card (green card):

  • Family Sponsored Immigration through a qualifying United States citizen relative i.e. spouse, parents, children, siblings,
  • Employment Based Immigration including such categories as a professional, skilled or other worker; members holding advanced degrees or persons of Exceptional Ability; as an Outstanding Professor/Researcher (OPR), National Interest Waiver applicants (NIW), Multinational Organization, Executive/Manager (MET), Schedule a Nurse or persons of Extraordinary Ability (EA).
  • Immigration through investment of significant funds in the United States. (EB-5)
  • Immigration through the Diversity Visa Lottery
  • Special Immigration Categories such as the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA), VAWA (Violence Against Women's Act) or Religious Workers

Regardless of how the foreign national is eligible to receive their Lawful Permanent Residency every individual must either file the Adjustment of Status application, to receive their green card in the United States, or as an alternative, elect Consular Processing, whereby they would enter the United States as a Lawful Permanent Resident. At the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A., our extensive experience allows our lawyers to provide legal guidance in determining which course of action is in our clients' best interest.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is a process often sought by people already in the United States, where they adjust/change their status to that of legal permanent resident status. Eligibility of Adjustment of Status depends upon how you entered the United States and what status you currently hold. If it is determined that you are eligible for Adjustment of Status, this option can be the best choice because of the benefits associated with the application, such obtaining an employment authorization document (EAD), social security card and driving privileges.

Consulate Processing for Immigrant Visas

Consular Processing applicants obtain an immigrant visa abroad at their country of last residence. This option can be the best choice for individuals who have never entered the United States or who are ineligible to file their Adjustment of Status in the United States. At the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A., we advise our clients on the processes and procedures involved in Consular Processing. We also provide legal representation before several U.S. Embassies and Consulates in countries overseas, including but not limited to, India, Pakistan, Russia, Jamaica, Honduras, United Kingdom, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

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