Family Law

Miami Lawyers Handling Your Family Law Concerns

Family law matters can be especially demanding, but at the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A., we are always one step ahead. We use over 19 years of experience to help our family law clients create solutions based on the needs of their families. Our staff is fully capable to handle your family law needs in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Domestic violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Hague Convention Cases

We know that divorce is often a difficult time for couples and their children. But, it is also a time where potentially life-changing decisions must be made. Couples have to make decisions about child custody and visitation scheduling. They often calculate child support and alimony payments in addition to handling property division. With all of these decisions, the help of a skilled attorney is invaluable. The Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A. seeks to provide support and guidance throughout all of the family law decisions you are required to make.

An International Perspective on Family Law

At the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A., we help families with international immigration issues as they relate to family law. These matters include inter-country adoptions. The law on international adoptions is complex. Therefore, guidance of an experienced immigration attorney to help prospective adoptive parents understand exactly which steps they must take to accomplish their goals quickly is crucial.

At the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A. we offer unique techniques and strategies in immigrating the orphan child to the United States. To make sure this process goes smoothly, the guidance of an experienced lawyer is needed.

To speak with us about your family law concerns, please call the Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A. at (305) 944-9120 or complete our intake form.