Challenging Charges of Removal


The immigration lawyers of the Dade County Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman, P.A. defend individuals whose rights to remain in the United States are being challenged by the Federal Government. Regardless of your reason for coming to the United States, leaving your homeland and starting a life in a new country is a tremendous undertaking. Our immigration attorneys understand the trepidation and anxiety that any student, worker, or other immigrant experiences when he or she receives a Notice to Appear ordering his or her attendance in front of an immigration judge. If you receive a summons for a charge that could result in your deportation, do not delay: contact our office in Miami immediately.

Charges of Removability and Notices to Appear

When the agents of the Department of Homeland Security believe that you do not have legal rights to remain in this country, it will issue a Notice to Appear (NTA). The NTA should list the charge of removability. Charges of removability can include charges like:

  • Not attending school when you are here on a student visa
  • Being convicted of a crime that makes you subject to removal
  • Overstaying your visa
  • Entering the country illegally
  • Obtaining your status fraudulently

The Notice to Appear will usually have a scheduled date to initiate the proceedings at the master calendar hearing. If you receive an NTA, you should contact a reputable, professional immigration lawyer—like attorney Gelfman or her associates—at your earliest possible convenience. If you fail to show up at your master calendar hearing, the presiding immigration judge will have you removed from the country without further due process.

Just like a criminal trial, the government must prove its case to have you classified as removable. Even if it is decided by an immigration judge that you should be deported, immigration attorney Gelfman can file a petition for relief from removal. If the petition is approved, you will not be deported back to your native country.

Professional Legal Representation by a Miami Immigration Lawyer

Just because you receive a notice to appear does not mean that you have to be deported. The attorneys of the Miami based Law Offices of Rhonda F. Gelfman have assisted hundreds of US immigrants over the past twenty-five years. Whether you have entered the country illegally, overstayed your visa, or are a resident alien who has been convicted of a criminal offense, if you are facing charges of removability in Dade County, the state of Florida, or anywhere else in the United States, contact attorney Rhonda F. Gelfman and her associates. Our number is (305) 944-9120.

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